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How does the PFC work?

PFC is called “Power Factor Correction”, which means “power factor correction”. Power factor refers to the relationship between effective power and total power consumption (apparent power), that is, effective power divided by the ratio of total power consumption (apparent power). Basically, the power factor can measure the degree of power being used effectively. The higher the power factor is, the higher the power utilization ratio is. Switching power supply with PFC is also relatively high cost. Switching power supply is a kind of capacitive input circuit. The phase difference between current and voltage will lead to the loss of switching power. Therefore, PFC circuit is needed to improve the power factor. At present, there are two kinds of PFC, passive PFC (also called passive PFC) and active PFC (also called active PFC). Passive PFC is generally divided into “inductance compensation” and “valley filling circuit (Valley Fill Circuit)”. The “inductance compensation method” is to reduce the phase difference between the AC input fundamental current and voltage to improve the power factor. Passive PFC includes mute passive PFC and non-mute passive PFC. The power factor of passive PFC can only reach 0. 7 ~ 0. 8, which is usually near the high voltage filter capacitor.

The function of PFC circuit is not only to improve the power factor of the circuit or system, but also to solve the problem of electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

How to identify the plugs in different countries?

Pugs List

EP: 2-Pin Flat Plug

AP3: 3-Pin Flat Plug

BP: British Standard Flat Plug

GP: 2-Pin Round Plug ( 4.8mm )

CP2: 2-Pin Round Plug ( 4.0mm )

BP2: 2-Pin Round Plug ( 5.0mm )

BP3: 3-Pin Round Plug


What Saftey Certificates are required in different countries?

Identification of Saftey Certs


What's the leadtime?

For the Skus listed in the page of products, the normal leadtime is 20 days.


What's the MOQ?

For the Skus listed in the page of products, the regular MOQ is 200pcs .


What's the delivery term?

We can make the shipment in term of EX-WORK, FCA and FOB, or other terms negotiated with customer.


What's the payment term?

50% prepayment of total order value should be made with PO release and 2nd 50% payment is required before delivery.