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Influence of High and low temperature on Reliability of Power Adapter

Effects of low temperature on Power Adapter elasticity of flexible materials such as rubber is reduced and rupture occurs, and the brittleness of metals and plastics increases, which leads to fracture or crack. Because of the different shrinkage coefficient of the material, when the temperature change rate is larger, it will cause the moving parts to be stuck or not to turn, the lubricant viscosity increases or solidifies, the friction between the moving parts increases, causes the movement to slow down, even stops the work; The change of electrical parameters of components affects the electrical performance of power adapter。

The influence of high temperature on the power adapter is due to the different expansion coefficient of various materials, which leads to the bonding and migration of materials, the loss of lubricant or the decrease of lubricating performance, and the increase of wear between moving parts. Deformation of sealing packing, gasket, seal, bearing and rotary shaft; mechanical failure or complete failure caused by bonding; change of electrical parameters of components, affecting electrical performance transformer of power adapter and overheating of electromechanical assembly; Flammable or explosive materials cause combustion or explosion; increased internal pressure of sealing parts leads to rupture; aging of organic materials, discoloration, bubbling, rupture or crack; insulation performance decreases.

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