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Series 130-252W Adapter
Desktop AC/DC Adapter.
Model: GM250-XXXYYY-ZU
Product Highlights:
Complete, self-contrained regulated power supply;
AC input ( 200-240V );
No load power consumption < 500mW;
3 Pole AC inlet IEC-C14;
Can provide contatant current, constant voltage and turn signal indicaiton ( Charger );
Class II power; ( 3 pole with earth pin and 2 pole without earth pin )
Protections: short circuit, overload, over voltage;
Size: 186.2*79.2*40.5MM;
Full enclosed plastic case;
Main Application:
Household Appliance;
Semiconductor Refrigeration Heating;
Electronic Refrigerator;
Product Spec:
Input 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 3.5A
Output Voltage 12-14.9V 15-23V 23.1-35V 35.1-47V 55.1-67.2V
Current 13A 12A 10A 7A 4.57A
Max Power 180W 200W 240W 252W 252W
Safety Approvals CHINA: CQC/GB4706
EMC GB/T9254, GB4343

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