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Why is the power adapter getting hot?

Recently we received an inquiry from one of our consumers, saying that our power adapter equipped with the dehumidifier is getting hot and wondering if this is normal, and if it’s ok to use for 24×7/365.

First of all, power adapter heating is a normal phenomenon. The conversion efficiency of the power supply adapter to the power supply can only reach about 85%. During the voltage conversion, a part of the energy loss has been lost, most of which are released in the form of heat except a small part in the form of waves. The greater the power of the power adapter, the more energy it consumes and the more heat it generates.
At present, the power adaptors in the market are sealed with fire-resistant and high-temperature-resistant plastic, and the heat generated internally is mainly distributed through the conduction of the plastic shell. Therefore, the surface temperature of the power adapter is still quite high, the highest temperature will even reach about 70 degrees.

The power adapter’s heat is inevitable, but it can be accelerated to prevent its temperature from rising continuously:

1. The switching power adapter with small pressure drop and low loss shall be as large as possible. The switching power supply with more than 100W shall generally be provided with metal perforated casing, or the heat dissipation fan shall be added.
2. Place the power adapter as far as possible in the place where the ventilation and heat dissipation is good. Do not place things such as books on the surface of power adaptors.
3. When using a device in a higher temperature environment, place the device power adapter in a place that is not subject to direct sunlight and ventilation;

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